Aurora Australis in Rakiura

Leonie and I took our mothers down to Rakiura for a week, as none of us had been down. Overall, it was lovely down there - we explored Ulva Island, had a (cold) swim, and did a bit of walking and exploring. The main island isn't predator free (yet) but there are a lot of controls already. Ulva is, however.

Kaka rather like apple, and it's not bad for them either
South Island Robin joining us for lunch

The highlight, tho, was a massive Kp7-level geomagnetic storm, which made the Southern Lights - Aurora Australis - really shine and dance above us. We've been trying to see the lights fot the past 15+ years, having been to Iceland twice and had zero success.

But this time, it was massive, and directly overhead. Utterly Magical.

We ended up down at Golden Bay / Thule Bay, which faces due south over Ulva and Whaka a Te Wera / Paterson Inlet.

Dancing lights
Green and purple aurora over Whaka a Te Wera (the place of Te Wera)
The colours are about right. The resolution is rubbish tho.
No it wasn't cloudy

These are all off my camera, unedited. Usually a 3-10 second exposure on an iPhone 12 mini. I REALLY need to spring for the Pro model next time.

The colours are pretty representative, tho. It was difficult getting the whole thing in, as it was horizon to horizon.

(yes, I know the slug is wrong - I thought I'd googled the right one. Thanks Arnold)

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ