Who is Nic Wise?

I am a grey haired software developer from New Zealand, previously living in London, UK. I used to be a freelance contractor, and I've worked at BBC Worldwide on a redevelopment of the Top Gear and bbc.co.uk (homepage) websites, and Universal Music on various projects including Universal Music Japan.

Since returning I've worked at ANZ on goMoney (iOS, Android) and Pushpay as a Site Reliability Engineer, focusing on AWS.

I'm currently working at Tend, helping make New Zealand a healthier nation.

In the past, I've done .NET, iOS (ObjC/Swift) and Android development, as well as SRE work on AWS including Terraform and Packer, and the various bits that sit around all of that.

Currently, I'm enjoying:

  • Node, via Typescript, with React, ReactNative, GraphQL and other technologies
  • Terraform is still very much my jam.
  • Lambda is my default way of writing anything, unless it can't be done in a lambda, then it's time for Docker.
  • I'm more comfortable at the back end of things - anything from the network/VPC up to the api, but I'm happy to try front end, and have been recently.

I have worked on many projects over my 20+ years in the industry, including point-of-sale systems, warehouse management systems, web-based applications, hand-held mobile applications, enterprise messaging applications, high volume web sites and most things in between. Previous employers include:

I have spoken at various conferences, user groups and online seminars, including:

I was a Microsoft MVP from 2003 thru 2007, with a specialty in the .NET field, and hold a BTech(IT) from the University of Auckland and MCP qualifications in SQL Server and ASP.NET (which are mosy likely very out of date).

I was a Xamarin MVP from 2013 to 2015 and also a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer, which I assume has lapsed.

My CV is available on request, however most of this information can be found on my StackOverflow profile. Both are pretty up-to-date and accurate. I occasionally put code up on GitHub, mostly mobile-related.

If you wish to contact me, please feel free to do so. Email or Twitter is the quickest way.