Walking Waiheke - Park Point

With Auckland still in Level 3-ish lockdown, and the weather warming up a bit, I've been trying to get out and walk a bit more around the Motu. I headed down to Owhanaka / Island Bay, up and down Palm and Onetangi beaches, around Matiatia and Blackpool while listening to The Sandman Act II (which is fantastic). It's a great way to clear the head and avoid the doom scrolling.

This weekend, Leonie and I went for a walk around Park Point, which is the southwestern most point of the island. It's only about 5km, but it's a lot of stairs. Even after 8 years living here, I've still not been around the point. We fixed that today.

It would be pretty brutal in mid-summer, but on a warm spring day, it was lovely. We even ended up at Palm Beach after for a(nother) swim.

And yes, it's bloody cold in the water.

First swim of the year, the day before - with photo bomber
Park Point walk, looking towards Motuihi
Tide's in

I'd noticed this place - or rather, the sculpture - on Daily Beast (via Twitter) a couple of days ago. It was nice walking past and seeing it - it's a lovely house in a lovely spot, and might be a good venue for Leonie's 50th.

Quite enjoying the wide lens on the iPhone 12 mini - no reason to upgrade to the 13, or get the larger one, but I'd jump at a iPhone 13 pro mini, even if there was a battery life cost.

Got a few more places to go around the island - plenty of walking around Te Ara Hura, which is a 100km loop around the island.

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

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