My Xamarin Evolve talk is up: Fast UI Creation with MonoTouch.Dialog

After a month or 2, my talk from Xamarin Evolve is up!

Fast UI Creation with MonoTouch.Dialog

This talk covers the basics of UITableView-driven applications - which are most iOS applications - and how MonoTouch.Dialog can speed up the creation and maintenance of list- and form-based apps.

I cover what MT.D is, how to build lists and forms, and how to customise it to make it look less like a standard iOS app, and more like a polished work of art!

Direct link to the video, which can be downloaded for offline viewing

Looks like the slides that Xamarin posted lost the font info, so here a link to the original with the proper font[1]

There is a load - hours - of brilliant videos:

I could pretty much link to all of them - the quality of all the talks was so ridiculously high. Most of them are relevant even if you are not using Xamarin tools.

My favourite[2] has to be Josh Clark's Buttons are a hack. I saw this first at webstock 2011, and again at NSConference Mini, but every time I hear Josh talk, I learn something. Highly recommended.

  1. Oddly, the missing font is also the Xamarin logo / website font - Source Sans Pro, which I'm using everywhere on this site now. ↩︎

  2. Ok, I'm a bit of a fanboy. I can deal with that. ↩︎

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Nic Wise

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