Meta: New site design

I've finally got around to updating the look of my site. I moved from Wordpress to Octopress a while back, which was fairly painless, but I stuck with the original layout and theme as it worked for blogging, which was mostly what I wanted.

I've sort of switched focus a bit now - its (going to be) more about the apps and services, but still with the short and longer form writing[1].

As I think most people view this via an RSS reader, you'll notice no difference, but if you come here in a browser (feel free to), you'll see a flatter, Bootstrap-based layout. I based it on Alex Garibay Octoflat theme, and I've customised a fair bit of it from there.

As always, feedback is lovely if you have some - email, twitter or any other method.

  1. who am I kidding - it's mostly short form :) ↩︎

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ