Divshot; Mobile design templates; Holo-themed rework of uTorrent

Divshot looks very interesting. Drag-and-drop, semantic, responsive, bootstrap based visual designer for those of us who are scared by CSS/HTML.

Divshot combines the speed of a drag-and-drop mockup tool and the beauty of hand-coded HTML and CSS.

The fact it's based on Bootstrap, which is rapidly becoming the best thing to come out of Twitter, is great.


Smashing Magazine have released 2 printable mobile device templates, covering both wireframing/sketching and tap-target sizing. I'd love a Moleskine with these pre-printed, but this is a good second-best.

Today we are happy to release two printable UX sketching and wireframing templates, designed by Pixle for Smashing Magazine’s readers. This article presents Outline, a set of sketching and wireframing papers for mobile platforms and Tapsize, a set of templates for checking optimal tap areas without a mobile device.

Free download. Lovely. Covers all the major (and minor) mobile platforms (iOS, Android, WP7/8, Meego, Symbian, and Blackberry).


Holo There (via Android UI/UX) has a great re-working of the uTorrent mobile UI. Taking it from a fairly horrible, basic look, to a nice Holo themed look.

They also have a really nice Holo rework of the iPlayer app.

Even tho I don't like using the devices, I find a well designed Holo app to be rather nicer on the eye than an iOS app. Looks more modern.

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ