London Bike App source code now available

Recently, on the MonoTouch list, there have been a lot of questions around things which, for me, are fairly basic, including

  • UITabController

  • MonoTouch.Dialog and UITableViews

  • Location awareness

  • GC issues

I thought a good way to try to help people would be to release a full, working app, which illustrates this. Hence London Bike App.

London Bike App is a fully working application, with a few minor changes:

  • I've removed the web service calls, as they call into an AppEngine instance, and it is possible to hit it enough to either bring it down (well, stop it working), or cost me money. It now hits static files of the same format.

  • I've removed my developer keys for cloudmade and cyclestreets, however both offer the keys for free.

  • I've removed the Retina quality images, as they are part of the Glyphish set, which is paid for. It DOES include the Creative-Commons licensed standard resolution versions.

You can use it for whatever you like (under the same MIT X11 license that Mono uses), however you cannot make an application which competes directly with London Bike App. you can make one for Paris, or reuse any of the code for your own app, just don't recompile it and release it.

Enjoy - and please comment here, or post on the MonoTouch forums/mailing list, and ask any questions.

And if you want, feel free to look at / buy my other apps, all of which are done with MonoTouch:

Sadly, it's not quite as advanced as another certain little thing which has source coming shortly, but we can't all be @ID_AA_Carmack

And if you are wondering what MonoTouch is, and why it's cool, have a read of this (esp if you are a C# developer)

Get it on GitHub!

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ