Nearest Bus 1.2.1 and mobileAgent 1.7 are available!

With Leonie away for a week in Mexico, I got a lot of back-dated bugs and little fixes done on both of these apps.

Nearest Bus was the first to get an update. [AppStore]

  • If you tap on the bus you are interested in, it will set an alert on your phone for 2 mins before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Like any other alert, it shows up in the Notification Centre in iOS, and will play whatever default sound you have setup. Quite handy if you bus is 15 mins away and you want to run for a coffee. What it does NOT do is keep asking TfL for when the bus is scheduled to arrive - if the bus suddenly gets a turbo boost, you may still be late for it!

  • There is also a minor (in terms of amount of code) bug which was causing the app to crash. It was only at certain stops (Hackney Town Hall was one of them) which had a double-space in the TfL-provided title. This doesn't happen any more.

mobileAgent also got an update to v1.7. This was also mostly a bug-fix update. [AppStore]

  • There is now a switch in the Settings app which allows you to turn off display of Bank Account information. Handy if others are likely to pick up your phone, and you don't want them to see your bank balances (however setting a pin on the device - or on mobileAgent - is a better idea)

  • And bug fixes around Credit Notes always showing in the invoices section; When an image is selected in expenses or receipts, sometimes the screen doesn't update to show it's been selected (even tho it has); More checking of email addresses for contacts;

  • And finally, it now uses the new FreeAgent domain - You can still use, but the app will use if it's not told otherwise.

As always, updates are free and available on the appstore. And if you don't have these apps, click on the AppStore links above to get them.

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ