mobileAgent 1.5 is out - contact and project editing

Apple have been their rather quick selves, and mobileAgent 1.5 is out. I was expecting it to take a lot longer, so I'm yet to change the website, however, here's a summary of the new stuff in 1.5

The two main features added are contact and project editing (and adding). You can now select a contact or project, and change some of the fields in it - for example, if you are out at a client and they tell you they have changed their billing email, as the CEO isn't the right person to get invoices.

Not all the fields are available to be edited - project-level invoice sequences are not available, for example - but the most useful ones are, like name, company, phones and address.

You can also create a new project or contact in mobileAgent - you can even import a contact from your phone into mobileAgent, and then sync it up to FreeAgent.

For those who don't like their cheese moving (or rather, need to be warned first), the login button has gone from the home screen navbar, and is now at the bottom of the home screen, under the bank account info. It works the same as it did before, but it's not something that most people will use often, so I've moved it out of the way. The Information tab has been moved down there, too, to make way for something new in v2.0

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ