Quick mobileAgent update

I've been doing some work on mobileAgent recently, even tho we have managed to move house and country during that time. I've been going thru the app, cleaning up various bits that, basically, pissed me off. Some of the highlights:

Bank Account info. With FreeAgent adding real-time bank updates sometime in the (near-ish?) future, I've added in bank account info, so you can see what your account balances were the last time you sync'ed with FreeAgent. Even if they don't do it, it's still fairly useful, especially if you put in your BIC, IBAN etc numbers, and someone asks you for them when you don't otherwise have bank access!

Bank account info is on the main page, and will drill down into the details of that account. I can't show transactions on the account yet, but if FreeAgent add that, I'll consider pulling it in.

Header cleanups. This was something which I didn't use a lot, but was really pissing me off. the old format was very busy and untidy. The new way takes inspiration from GitHubby and the Twitter application. None of the data at the top is editable, so presenting it in a table cell didn't make sense (well, aside from putting it there quickly).

If you tap the address, it launches Maps with a pin on the address, which should be a bit of motivation to enter more real client data into FreeAgent. As usual the email (and phone/mobile) buttons call/email the person, or let you copy it to the clipboard.

Some of the other changes:

  • mobileAgent now uses the default currency code provided by FreeAgent, and formats correctly (eg 567 kr. not DKK 567)

  • When you upload a new timeslip, it's automatically added to the timeslip lists, so you don't have to refresh the whole database anymore.

These changes are nearly done, and I expect to submit them by the end of this week. **After that, the next release is all about attaching images to expenses, and maybe some more clean up. **I know there are a lot of people waiting for the image upload one, but it's a fairly big change, and I need a functional internet connection / wifi to do it quickly - o2 can't provide a phone line in less then 8 weeks.....

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ