MobileAgent 1.3 is now in the AppStore

Overnight, Apple have reviewed and approved v1.3 of MobileAgent. In this release is:

  • Expenses are now handled using FreeAgent's code system, not the name, which means you can rename expense categories and it will still work.

  • The 5 most recently used expense items are now at the top of the list.

  • Uploading a timeslip now moves it into the list of timeslips for that project, without having to refresh the whole database.

  • Redesign of the contacts and projects headers (ie, eye candy)

  • The list of cars (for expenses) has been cleaned up, and you can now edit a car, which wasn't previously possible.

  • Various fixes around currency - your company has a default currency, which is now displayed where possible.

  • Various bug fixes.

mobileAgent 1.4 is in the process of being written. The main new feature for that is attaching images to your expenses. I have a fair bit of this working already, so all going well, I'd hope to have it submitted to Apple in a week or 2.

New screenshots are available on the MobileAgent page, and as usual, the update is free for existing users. Enjoy! As usual, if you have feedback, please drop me an email!

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ