Mac gear for sale

Quick note for anyone looking for a Macbook, or RAM.

06/03/2010: Mac is gone, RAM still available.

Macbook, 13 inch, White late-2006 model. 2ghz Core2Duo; 4GB RAM (3.5GB usable); 250GB hard drive. All the rest of the bells and whistles of a Macbook (802.11N, Bluetooth, DVD writer etc etc). Full specs here (it's the second/middle row). Comes with the remote, power supply, VGA cable etc etc.

RAM has been maxed out. Hard drive is brand new, and comes with Snow Leopard + updates installed. Case, including keyboard, and internal fans have been replaced recently (by Apple, under warranty).  Everything works. No major scratches or damage. I guess it's slightly "off white" due to being used, but as I don't have a new one to compare to, it's hard to tell.

Works perfectly, and has served me very well. Replaced as I need a machine with more RAM - otherwise I'd keep it (I get paid to work with Windows, so I run large VM's). Great if you want to get into iPhone development or want a small, portable laptop. Will run Windows, but might not be pleased to do so :)

£400. If you are not in the UK (or more specifically, London), add shipping on top of that :) I'm happy to pack it, but given the value, I guess it'll need to be couriered.

Also for sale: 4GB of DDR3 1066mhz (PC3-8500, SO-DIMM) RAM. Fits in, and came from, a Mac Mini (2ghz, early 2009 release). It's Apple RAM, tho it's not branded as such. It will fit, from what I can tell, into any of:

  • Macbook (the new white ones only)

  • Macbook Pro (new new alu ones - 13" to 17")

  • Mac Mini (2009 onwards)

  • iMac (2009 onwards)

I also imagine it'll work in any other machine - eg a Dell or Lenovo - which supports DDR3 1066mhz RAM - aka PC3-8500. That covers most new(er) Core2Duo and i5 and i7 machines.

**£50 **(Amazon retails the same for £100). Again, postage on top of this if I have to post it somewhere. It's small and light tho.

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ