Flying Waiheke - Kākā

We have a hoon of Kākā which live around where we are. Kākā are a native parrot (one of three - Kea and Kākāpō being the other 2), which until recently was quite rare to see outside of a few places like Great Barrier Island/Aotea.

Around 5 or 6pm we usually have 6 to 10 of them in the trees outside, calling out to each other. They are NOT quiet.

They are fairly big - about 30cm high + tail, and while red-brown and quite well hidden when just sitting there, if their wings are out, they have lovely red under feathers.

These photos are from Leonie - sadly my phone doesn't get this close.

I got some video - audio, mostly - which is up on Twitter.

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ