Conference presentation tips - @xamarinhq Evolve

Next week, I'll be talking about MonoTouch.Dialog at the Xamarin Evolve conference in Austin, TX. It's been a while since I last presented anything to a proper crowd (I don't count workmates as a crowd - too friendly), so I've been doing some reading for ideas on how to do it better and prepare. Thanks to some of the wonderful UK and US folks, here's a few good lists and tips:

Some of the take-aways for me:

  • Minimise the slides, and the words on the slides
  • Never read the slides - the audience can read it faster than you can (exception: quotes)
  • Work out your own style, don't copy other people.
  • Be responsible for your own gear (rMBP + VGA adapter: check; Remote clicker: check; Airport Express: check); and for checking that everything works before you go on stage
  • Test; Test; Test; And do a dry run first - either film yourself, or to a usergroup or group of friends
  • White on black, not black on white.
  • Above all, have FUN! (which I fully intend to do!)

If you are going to Evolve, I'll see you there next week! I'm really looking forward to meeting a load of people I only know on the forums or twitter. It'll be a blast!

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ