Xamarin Studio Cheat Sheet / Keymap

Xamarin Studio 4.0 was recently released, and as a lot of people might have started using it, I thought it might be a good idea to do a cheat sheet (or default key map) to give you an easy to find list of common keyboard shortcuts.

IntelliJ were one of the first ones to do this with Resharper, which has a lot of very complex keystrokes, and I must admit, I learned a lot about Xamarin Studio just by going through and writing the keys down.

This is based on the default key bindings - obviously, you can customise and add more in the settings.

You can grab a copy of the PDF here. It should print out ok on A4 and US Letter.

If you have any other obvious ones which I've missed, email them over and I'll add them in. I didn't think there was much point with things like copy and paste - everyone should know those.

On a similar note, Frank Kreuger pointed out Source Analysis:

@praeclarum: If you haven't tried Xamarin Studio ➔ Preferences ➔ Text Editor ➔ Source Analysis, you're missing out.

It's new in Xamarin Studio, and it does nice things like hinting that you might like to extract a delegate into a method, or that you might be comparing two floats in an incorrect way. (in this case, "you" is me).

It also offers to fix them. Which is rather awesome.

I knew about this before, but I thought it needed Mono 3.x and a beefy machine. I can't confirm it'll work on low end hardware, but it doesn't appear need Mono 3.x.

Worth trying out!

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ