mobileAgent 1.9 bank syncing issue

I'm sad to say that mobileAgent 1.9 has a bug in it, which may cause you to not be able to download your banking information. This results in a failed sync, and can render the application unusable.


The symptom is:

  • You link to your FreeAgent (and/or Dropbox) accounts as normal
  • Hit done (or sync) and a normal sync process starts
  • It gets up to "Processing Bank Accounts" and then shows the Sync Failed dialog.

I have submitted a fix to Apple (thanks to Peter Bourne for helping to track it down), and reported it to FreeAgent, as the root issue appears to be on the server side.

In the short term, if you have downloaded 1.9 and it works: great! You don't have the problem. If it fails to sync, you'll need to wait for 1.9.1, or find 1.8.x (on your Mac/PC) in your trash/recycle bin, delete the current mobileAgent from iTunes, and drag the old one back into iTunes. Unfortunately, I can't take 1.9 "off sale" and put 1.8.x back.

I'm very sorry about this - all my test accounts work fine, so I was only able to reproduce it with Peter's account. I've requested an expedited update from Apple, but thats up to them if they will do it.

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ