Nearest Bus, my latest iPhone app, is out.

My latest iPhone app is now available in the AppStore: Nearest Bus:

Nearest Bus is a simple application to answer one question:

Where is my nearest bus?

Nearest Bus uses the TfL Countdown prediction service to show you when the next bus is coming at the stops near you, so you know when to run for the stop, or when to think about catching a taxi instead.

It will show you the 16 stops nearest to your current location - within 250m in all directions - and on the back of the card, it shows you where the bus stop is in relation to you, in case you are having trouble finding it:

It is designed for you to quickly see when a bus is coming. It's not a bus planner (that'd be the excellent London Travel), it just answers the question:

Where is the Nearest Bus?

There are some caviets tho:

  • The countdown service is a "beta", so TfL may decide to remove it. They have publicly said they are working on an official API, but keep in mind this may stop working at any time.

  • If you are not in London, or within 250m of a bus stop, it's pretty useless. If you live in the US, don't buy it. Or rather, DO buy it, but don't complain about it.

  • Read the first one again.

Any feedback is always welcome. Nearest Bus is 100% iOS5 compatible, and 100% MonoTouch.

I'm planning on adding a few more features, and supporting the official API when / if it comes out. Enjoy!

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ