mobileAgent is out, in record time - Apple approved it within 24 hours of my submission. Thats almost unheard of! I'm not complaining tho - the quicker updates are out, the quicker I can do more!

So whats new in this release?

  • Add timeslip, expense, receipt and mileage are now modal, preventing accidental pressing of the tab buttons. They work pretty much like wizards do (for those of you old enough to remember when desktop software did wizards)

  • A single timeslip can now be replicated over a number of days, allowing for a weeks timeslips to be entered in one operation. As always, if you enter it wrong, you can use the Unsent Items list on the home page to remove any extras.

  • Speaking of Unsent Items, the list has been cleaned up a bit. Deleting is now explicitly allowed via the edit button - you could always swipe and delete, but this is more obvious, as not everyone knows how to do that!

  • BUG: Starting the mileage counter should check for the existence of a car before starting. Fixed.

  • BUG: Hitting cancel in the login dialog sometimes caused a crash. Fixed.

  • UI clean up, notifications to the user when a potentially long running task is happening (eg when resizing a captured image).

  • General bug fixes. Not many, but enough.

So thats it for this release. I hope it's as stable and quick as it's always been. Enjoy, and as always, feedback is welcome via the support address.