mobileAgent and New Years FreeAgent changes to Categories

FreeAgent announced today that they have released a new version, with customisable categories for expenses (and other stuff, but thats the only bit I really care about :) )

[Quick update: The update is now in the AppStore - v1.2.2. Thanks Apple!]

How does this affect mobileAgent?

If you are using the Expenses part of mobileAgent - and this includes Mileage, which is just a specific form of expense - and you change any of the existing Income and Spending Categories, you will not be able to create an expense of that type until I update mobileAgent (which will be coming very soon).

For example: Code 251 is Rent. If you change the description to Accommodation Cost, you will not see that change in mobileAgent (it will still say Rent), and if you try to use Rent in mobileAgent, it will fail, as FreeAgent will reject it with a "no known category" or something similar.

As there is only one expense description for Mileage, if you change the description to Kilometerage, you will not be able to post any mileage in mobileAgent, for the same reason.

Timeslips are totally unaffected by this change.

Solution for the moment is to not change any of the descriptions just yet. A fix is coming for mobileAgent, but it's not quite done yet. In the near future, you will be able to change these and see you custom list of categories. Or if you must change them now, just be aware that expenses created in mobileAgent cannot see, or use, those changes.

Nic Wise

Nic Wise

Auckland, NZ