Last year (2016) Dropbox announced that they were going to remove the v1 API, which is what mobileAgent/My Accountant Friend uses to talk to Dropbox.

They delayed that decision for a while - it was ment to be late 2016, then moved to late 2017. But finally, at the end of September, they turned it off.

Moving mobileAgent to use the new API version isn't a simple task, and mobileAgent is now very old, very clunkey and doesn't make me any money at all. Plus, I don't use it anymore myself - I've since moved countries, to a country which FreeAgent doesn't support (New Zealand).

So adding support for v2 would be a lot of work, for zero return - hence I'm going to remove it, which is a few hours of work, not weeks.

If you have any images stuck in upload, you can connect your phone to a PC or Mac with iTunes, go into the phone's settings in iTunes, then find "File Sharing" -> mobileAgent, and you should be able to drag the receipt image folder out onto your desktop.

If you have turned on the photo library upload, they will be in your photo library already.

If you still want to do receipts via dropbox, the Dropbox app has a receipt scanner built in, which works a lot better than mine ever did.

Thanks to everyone for your support over the years - mobileAgent was first released in October 2010 - and especially to the beta testers, and the fine folks at FreeAgent - Roan and Olly especially. It's been fun, and for quite a while, it funded my Apple device and laptop habit.