mobileAgent isn't perfect, but I've tried to make it as robust as possible. This page lists any known issues - and workarounds - that are available.

If your problem isn't listed here, please email me ( and I'll try to work out what's going on and fix it.

I can't connect or log in for the first time!

If you normally login to FreeAgent using My Business Works or other method where you log into another service, select "FreeAgent" from
their menu and are automatically logged into FreeAgent, this page details how you set your FreeAgent password.

For anything else, have a read of the how do I login page.

Wondering if HMRC supports digital versions of your receipts?

Well, wonder no more. Spoiler: they do, but you still have to keep them for 7 years.

Everything is in KM's / Miles! Argh!

All "mileage" is in whatever units your FreeAgent account is in - so if you are in the UK or US, it's miles. Anywhere else it's in KM's. If you have set your account to be one or the other, then it's which ever one you set.

You are just entering the number - FreeAgent controls what that number represents. No one ever talks about "kilometre-age" - only "mileage".

When entering time, it's a bit odd? 1.50? 1 hour 50 mins or 1 and a half hours? whats going on here?

There are two ways to enter time in mobileAgent.

  • You can enter time in decimal format: 1.5 is 1 hour 30 mins.
  • You can enter time in time format: 1:30 is 1 hour 30 mins.

As the : isn't on the standard iOS number pad, you can put one in by using two dots, so to enter 1:30, enter 1..30 and it will be converted to 1:30.

If you are in Europe, then 1**.30 is 1,30 - and to enter 1:30, use 1,,**30

When I select a project while creating a new Mileage expense, I can't see my project!

FreeAgent only allows you to submit mileage for projects which are in the same currency as your FreeAgent account is. So if you are a UK company, your currency is GBP, and only projects which are in GBP will show up (not EUR or USD).

This applies to universal companies too. However, as I don't know your currency, all projects are displayed with their currency.

My problem isn't listed here! Help!

Please email me ( with details of your problem, including:

  • Your device type: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad etc
  • Your iOS version. This can be found in iTunes, and also on the About screen in the Settings.
  • How good is your internet connection where you were trying to use the application? eg WiFi, 3G, EDGE ("E" in the top bar next to the carrier name / signal strength) or GPRS (a dot in the top bar).
  • Is your device Jailbroken?
  • And as much information about your FreeAgent account and the problem as you can. Eg: About how many contacts, projects and invoices do you have in FreeAgent (roughly¬†- 10? 50? 100? 500? 1000?)

The more information you give, the quicker I can work out whats going on!