Having trouble logging in? No problem - I can help!

This page details how to log into mobileAgent, and what all the fields mean. Sorry it's quite long, but I've tried to explain it in the most basic terms I can. As always, if you are still having problems logging in, drop me an email (support@fastchicken.co.nz)! I can't respond to reviews in the appstore!

Things you need to do before using mobileAgent for the first time.

Nothing, anymore. Just login, link your account, and you should be good to go. This is similar to how you would login to Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook etc.

I use My Business Works - Help!

You need to do one extra step to get mobileAgent working with My Business Works. The instructions are here.

What are all the fields on the login screen?

The first area is the link to FreeAgent. This will either show "Link to FreeAgent", if you don't yet have a link, or "Unlink from FreeAgent" and your current login details.

The second area is for Dropbox. This works in the same way - you link to your Dropbox account, so the app can upload images for you.

The next section deals with images. You can:

  • Have all images uploaded to Dropbox: expenses, mileage and receipts. This is optional, however Receipts is Dropbox-only.
  • Have all images saved to the Photo Library (Photos app) on your phone. This is good for a local backup, or for bulk-exporting to your accountant. A new album will be created in the photos for mobileAgent.

This means you can create an expense with an image, and upload the image (and expense) to FreeAgent, and save it to your photo library, all in one go. Or to Dropbox.

  • If you attach an image to an expense or mileage, it will always be uploaded to FreeAgent.
  • If you create a receipt with an image, it will always be uploaded to Dropbox if you have linked to Dropbox.

If you are still having a problem logging in, feel free to drop me an email (support@fastchicken.co.nz). However, FreeAgent's service now handles all the login process, so there isn't a lot I can do now - emailing their support is also a good idea.