Invoice Template Fields

mobileAgent allows you set the default template for when you send an invoice by email. This can be set in the settings:

You can use a number of replacement fields to bring information about the invoice into the email. All replacement fields should be surrounded with the # sign, eg #INVOICENUM#

  • INVOICENUM : The invoice number to use, eg BIGTED005
  • PROJECTNAME : The name of the project
  • DUEON : The date the invoice was/is due on
  • OVERDUE: If the invoice is overdue, the string (which is overdue).
  • TOTALAMOUNT: The tax-inclusive amount of the invoice, including currency symbol
  • MYNAME and YOURNAME : The name of the user using mobileAgent

The default invoice template is below, however you can put any text in that you want. You can also edit it for each invoice, before you send it.


I have attached invoice #INVOICENUM# for #PROJECTNAME#

This invoice is due on #DUEON#. #OVERDUE#




Note: The sending of the invoice is done by FreeAgent, not from your phone.