FREAKy - SSL kind of broken in iOS, Android etc

Ars Technica: The weak 512-bit keys are a vestige of the 1990s, when the Clinton administration required weak keys to be used in any software or hardware that was exported »

Nearest Bus Post Mortem Part 2: Design

This is a multipart post-mortem-style post series on the design and development of Nearest Bus. I'm planning on covering the architecture, design (this post), code, widget and possibly some on »

Nearest Bus Post Mortem Part 1: Overview

Like most of my apps, Nearest Bus (originally London's Nearest Bus) was written to scratch my own itch. We were living in Fulham, in London, and the easiest way to »

Email is a thing, apparently: Some of the better weekly email newsletters

Well, "better" is subjective, but here's the ones I subscribe to and actually read. It's nice to get it in your inbox - easier to scan than an RSS feed »

Redesigning the Hungarian Euro

I love it when people redesign currency. It's a project with some serious security constraints - and most of the redesigns take this very seriously - but the results are »

´ú┐Pay: The most secure form of payment

Big Nerd Ranch have a good article up about how ApplePay works, and why it's the most secure method of payment available. The cryptogram is a layer of security in »

Help wanted: Beta test the new Nearest Bus

I've been doing a bit of work on Nearest Bus recently, mostly as it's my simplest and most popular (in terms of users) app. I decided on a full rewrite »

BTProgressHUD: Update for X.iOS 8.6 Unified API

Xamarin have released information about how and when to upgrade to the new Unified 32/64 bit API's. Thanks to @redth, BTProgressHUD is already available as a Unified binary, but »

Postcards from Pripyat

Int 2011, a friend organised a trip to Pripyat, which is the town which was evaculated during the Chernobyl disaster. It was a surreal, eye opening and wonderful trip for »

Using Apples new TestFlight Beta Testing

... which is not to be confused with the old TestFlight (which Apple bought and called TestFlight). At work, we do a pilot release of our app before we go live »